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     If you think you might be interested in joining my lab as a research student, and earn 299L and/or 499L credit, then email me and tell me a little bit about yourself (including your CWID) and your interests.  I am generally looking for students in their sophomore or junior year, who are curious, hard-working, and want to be part of a team.  Techniques that undergraduate students learn include PCR, cloning, qPCR, fluorescent microscopy, Drosophila genetics, Western blotting, and much more.  In lab meetings every other week students either present their research progress or analyse and discuss recent published research in our field.   Cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry students are all welcome to apply.

Prospective Undergraduate Research Students
Prospective Graduate Research Students

     The CSUF Department of Bi0logical Science offers a thesis-based Masters' program in which graduate students conduct research in the laboratory of a department faculty member (click here for more info).  Before completing a departmental application for admission, you should email faculty whose labs you are interested in working in.  If the research in my laboratory interests you, in your email to me please tell me about yourself (prior experience, long-term interests), and also send a transcript and a resume.  Graduate students in my lab undertake an independent research project, and will typically be a co-author on at least one paper, and present their research in at least one national meeting, and are also usually successful in seeking scholarship and other financial support.  Our MS program is excellent preparation for PhD programs in any biomedical field, for professional schools such as medical school, or for work in the biotechnology industry.  Thank you!

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