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Brennan, C. A.*, Ibarrondo, F.J., Shih, R., Sugar, C.A., Detels, R., Rinaldo, C.R., Margolick, J.B., Phair, J., Jacobson, L.,

  Yang, O.O., and Jamieson, B.D. (2012)  Early HLA-B*57-restricted CD8+ T lymphocyte responses predict subsequent

  HIV-1 disease progression.  J. Virol. 86:10505-16.    link

     * corresponding author       cover article    (note: we do not study HIV here at CSUF.)


Brennan, C. A.*, Delaney, J.R., Schneider, D.S., and Anderson, K.V. (2007) Psidin is required in Drosophila blood cells for

  both phagocytic degradation and immune activation of the fat body. Curr. Biol. 17:67-72.   link

    * corresponding author

        Research Highlights:  

             • Ahmad, S. (2007) Insect immunity: the psidin adventure. Nature Rev. Immunol. 7:90.

             • Hultmark, D. and Borge-Renberg, K. (2007) Drosophila immunity: Is antigen processing the first

                            step? Curr Biol. 17: R22-R24.  link


Brennan, C. A., Anderson, K. V. (2004) Drosophila: the genetics of innate immune recognition and response. Annu. Rev.

  Immunol. 22: 457-83.  link

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