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Members of the Laboratory



Catherine Brennan, PI

Dr. Brennan joined the Department of Biological Science at CSUF in the Fall of 2013.  After earning a PhD in Molecular Biology at USC, she conducted postdoctoral research on fly immunity with Kathryn Anderson at the Sloan-Kettering Institute, and with David Schneider at Stanford.  She then joined the AIDS Institute at UCLA, and conducted research into HIV immunology.  She has established her laboratory at CSUF to study the mechanisms by which white blood cells control the killing of phagocytosed microbes.


Nuzhat Islam, undergraduate student

Nuzhat is an undergraduate student majoring in Biological Science with a concentration in Cell and Developmental Biology.  She is a President’s Scholar here at CSUF.  Nuzhat joined the Brennan lab in spring of 2015 and her research interests include studying the cellular and biochemical aspects of immunity. Nuzhat interns at St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach and aspires to become a physician in the future.

Kris Serrano, undergraduate student

Kris is a senior at CSUF, majoring in Cell and Developmental Biology, and joined the lab in the spring of 2014.   He is interested in studying the interactions between phagocytic blood cells and organs that play a role in immunity, and how this interaction regulates the overall immune response to pathogens.  Kris has always enjoyed the sciences and hopes to pursue a career in the field of biology.

Eniola Ogundipe, undergraduate student

Eniola is majoring in cell and developmental biology at CSUF.  She loves to read, snowboard, and learn.  Eniola hopes to become a physician in the future.

Jio Villegas, undergraduate student

Jio is a biology major who joined the Brennan lab in the spring of 2016 and is currently pursuing a career in medicine.  Outside of the lab, his interests include listening to and playing music and spending time with friends and family.

Andrew Nguyen, undergraduate student

Andrew is currently majoring in Biology at CSUF.  His interests include watching movies, gymnastics, and making music mashups. Ultimately, he hopes to pursue a career in research science or medicine.

Brennan Lab Alumni



Manisha Prasad

Manisha  joined the lab in the summer of 2015 and earned her B.S. in May 2016.  She is curious about both cellular and molecular aspects of immunology and intends to pursue a Master’s degree in the near future.  She has been fascinated by biology since high school and is excited to see where her career in biology will lead her.  Her hobbies include drawing, spending time outdoors and watching movies.

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